Research Assistantship Opportunity

Thank you for showing your interest in learning with Metacept®.

We believe that anyone can be a learner, hence we are offering research assistantships to Information Technology [InfoTech] and/or Intellectual Property Rights [IPR] law enthusiasts to further our aim of enhancing the reach of InfoTech and IPR laws to all.

About Metacept®

Metacept has been created with an objective of developing and sustaining a platform for a productive discussion on the ever-evolving fields of Information Technology [InfoTech] and Intellectual Property Rights [IPR] Laws. We aim at promoting a diversity of viewpoints, ideas, and ideologies. The organization aspires to discuss contemporary issues of fundamental and empirical nature, conduct legal and policy training in innovation, IP and competition and build a network of scholars in these areas.

Metacept is glad to announce the commencement of its research assistantship program, and is inviting applications from candidates, who have extensive interest in the domains of Intellectual Property Law, InfoTech Law, and Antitrust Law.


We are looking for diligent candidates from across the industry, with a penchant for InfoTech Law, Intellectual Property Law, or Antitrust Law, and individuals, who are eager to learn and grow with the team. Candidates, who have explored the aforesaid domains, and have some experience and demonstrable interest in the field shall be preferred. Strong research and analytical skills shall also be appreciated.


Minimum duration of the Assistantship shall be 8 weeks. However, the same may be extended, subject to a performance review, and the willingness of the candidate. The assistantship shall be entirely virtual. Change in mode, if any, shall be duly informed.

Certificate & Other Perks

The selected candidates will be awarded a certificate recognising their work at Metacept. Research Assistants’ work would also be duly recognised and credited in Metacept’s publications [conditional & performance based]. Selected candidates may also land up an internship with one of the chairs of our Advisory Board, inter alia.

Interested Candidates may apply via clicking on this link.


  • Metacept is an equal opportunity organisation.
  • Metacept reserves the right to conduct telephonic or video interviews and the right to request any additional documents to facilitate the screening of applications.
  • Metacept reserves the right to not fill these research assistantship positions.
    If a selected candidate is found to not diligently fulfill their obligations at any time during the assistantship period, we reserve the right to terminate the assistantship.
  • If the assistantship is so terminated, the candidate will not be provided with the certificate and other perks.

Any queries regarding the research assistantship may be addressed to [email protected] or [email protected].

We wish you the very best!