Technology in the Law Classroom
    2 weeks ago

    Metacept Lecture Series [Lecture 2]

    The second lecture of the Metacept Lecture Series will be conducted on the topic- Information,…
    Fundamentals of IP
    2 weeks ago

    Replication of user interfaces: When IP theft is disregarded

    Graphical User Interface is the node between an application in an electronic device and its…
    Emerging Technologies
    2 weeks ago

    Reflecting upon the legal framework for renewable energy in India

    In India, the development of grid-interactive renewable power took flight with the inception of the…
    Intellectual Property
    2 weeks ago

    2nd National Article Writing Competition

    Metacept is organising the second edition of National Article Writing Competition.
    IP Valuation
    2 weeks ago

    Analysis of Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Act, 2001 in Light of Judicial Decisions Laid Down by the Indian Courts

    The Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Rights Act, 2001 is the answer to the…
    Future of Work
    2 weeks ago

    Why the Concept of Immunity Passports and Digital Identity is Problematic

    ‘Immunity passports’ are a theoretical credential - most often digital – through which someone can…
    4 weeks ago

    Competition Law and Blockchain

    Questions as to the efficiency and validity of blockchain technology have become outdated and now…
    Technology Law / Cyber Law
    4 weeks ago

    China’s National Security Law- The Swan Song of Hong Kong’s Freedom Struggle

    The National Security Law (NSL) that was unanimously passed by China on the midnight of…
    Future of Work
    4 weeks ago

    Quantum Supremacy vs Neuralink- The Future is Robots

    Artificial Intelligence uses the process where they are able to make decisions similar to that…
    4 weeks ago

    A glance at the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID)

    The National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) aims at connecting the databases of the core intelligence agencies…