Technology in the Law Classroom
    2 days ago

    Submarine Optical Fiber Cables and the Submerged Threats to Data Security in India

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the much anticipated Rs.1,224-crore Chennai-Andaman & Nicobar (A&N) Undersea Internet…
    Data Protection
    1 week ago

    Cybersecurity in India: From attacks on Infrastructure to Pant’s Rules

    India is currently drafting its new Cybersecurity Rules under Lt. General (Dr) Rajesh Pant. The…
    Intellectual Property
    3 weeks ago

    Hierarchy in the E-Sport Copyright Regime: Is Vesting of Copyright in an E-Sports Player a Possibility?

    With the E-Sports industry taking massive strides, it brings along with it a complex array…
    IT Compliance
    3 weeks ago

    Privacy-friendliness of Audio-only applications

    Pandemic has seen the launch of several applications, including the one known as ‘Clubhouse’. The…
    Concept to Commercialisation
    4 weeks ago

    Geospatial Data and Mapping Guidelines

    GIS is considered a tool that could be used to collect data and inform politicians,…
    IP Enforcement
    June 24, 2021

    Raptors v. Monster Energy: Bringing back the limelight on Fluid Marks

    The dispute between ‘Toronto Raptors’ and ‘Monster Energy’, which began in the year 2015 has…
    Fundamentals of IP
    June 19, 2021

    Copyright On Emotions: The Tale Of Holmes

    Nancy Springer wrote a series of children’s novels called "Enola Holmes," which were first published…
    Big Data
    June 12, 2021

    The Indian Legal Landscape: A Safe Haven For FemTech Applications To Exploit User Data and Breach Privacy

    Popular FemTech applications are rapidly gaining traction among urban women in India and this should…
    Data Protection
    June 8, 2021

    Challenges in the Implementation of Facial Recognition Technology

    With the coming of Facial Recognition Technology, which uses your face as your biometric identifier,…
    Data Protection
    June 6, 2021

    The Legality of China’s Great Firewall: How Does the International Law Fare

    The Internet became commercially available in China in 1995. Prior to 1995, the Communist party…