Our Team

Nikhil Naren

Principal Editor

Nikhil had a dream of creating a one-stop platform for all the IPR and InfoTech Laws enthusiasts. He shall always remain grateful to his mentor and guide Mr. Rodney D. Ryder for his constant support and belief in making his dream turn to reality.  Nikhil, is a firm believer of Dreaming- Hoping- Working-Achieving.

Nikhil, is currently an Advocate at Scriboard [Advocates and Legal Consultants], New Delhi. Upon receiving an unprecedented Pre-Placement Offer [PPO] at law school in the year 2018, he has been assisting Scriboard in their practice of Technology and Intellectual Property Rights laws. He has advised leading social networking, e-commerce, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies onon handling disputes and maintaining compliances pertaining to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules made thereunder, Intellectual Property, Contractual Disputes, and Brand Management. Nikhil has drafted ‘Privacy Policies’ for various organisations including one of India’s leading Public-Sector Undertaking.

He holds a diploma in Cyber Laws from Government Law College, Mumbai and Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune, and a Certification in Intellectual Property and Competition Law from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry [FICCI], New Delhi. He also has a certification in Social Media and the Information Technology Act, and Blockchain and the law from Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd. under his belt. He has also assisted in developing a certificate course on  Artificial Intelligence and the Law for Enhelion. He has also completed certifications on ‘Privacy Law and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)’ offered by the University of Pennsylvania, and ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ offered by IBM through Coursera on a full scholarship with a 100% grade.

Nikhil’s maiden book-  Internet Law: Regulating Cyberspace and Emerging Technologies was published and released by Bloomsbury Professional India at the age of twenty-three. He Co-Authored the book with Shri Rodney D. Ryder and the Foreword to the book is penned by Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) Shri Dipak Misra, Former Chief Justice of India.

Just after the completion of his law school in the year 2020 and after months of trepidation Nikhil became one of the youngest Awardee of the prestigious and highly coveted British Chevening Scholarship for pursuing his Master’s from the United Kingdom at the age of twenty-four. In furtherance of the same, Nikhil will be attending the Queen Mary University of London to pursue his Master of Laws [LL.M.] specialising in Technology, Media and Telecommunications law.

Gyan Prakash Tripathi

Editor, Information Technology

An about-to-be-engineer who stumbled in the field of law, Gyan has an ardour in the evolution of New-Age Technology and Cyber Laws. He has a knack in accoutering himself with factual and unprejudiced arguments over a myriad of issues. He particularly loves to dwell upon the intersection of technology and laws; and its impact on society.

Gyan hold a certification in Law and Public Policy from Centre for Civil Society, New Delhi; and has completed ‘Winter Course on International Law and National Security’ by Indian Society of International Law. He has also assisted in developing a certificate course on Artificial Intelligence and the Law for Enhelion.

Gyan has worked as a Research Assistant on a project with The Dialogue and Freidrich-Ebert-Stiftung on Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Impact on Automotive Sector in India. He has also contributed to the World Bank’s study on Equality of Oppurtunity for Sexual and Gender Minorities.

Raghav Khandelwal

Editor, Intellectual Property Rights

Raghav holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Legum Baccalaureus, graduated from Symbiosis International (Deemed) University [SIDU], Pune in 2020. Besides, he is also a Company Secretary professional student.

Nuances of intellectual property rights and transactional services are his key area of interests. Raghav bagged a certification in Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law from Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He also worked as a Research Associate with SIDU for the project ‘Study on Working Conditions Of Old-Age Homes in Delhi-NCR’ during his tenure as a law student. 

When he is not looking to learn and explore his professional pursuits, he is likely engaged in creative art works, reading literature and participating in religious discourses.

Milind Yadav

Assistant Editor

Milind is a keen learner and is always available for interesting legal discussions. He specifically likes to read and write on Technology Law. He also is also interested in IP Law and Environment Law. He has written various articles focused on Technology Law and its intersection with other areas of law. He has cleared several certificate courses that focus on both the legal and the technical side of emerging technologies. Recently, he also wrote an Independent Research Paper focused on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. Apart from being a Tech-Law nerd, he is also engaged in trading and investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency.

Aman Shankar

Content Regulator

Aman Shankar is in pursuit of constantly developing his legal acumen and has developed a reverence for Technology Law, Privacy, Intellectual Property Rights, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law and is always in the quest to enlarge the contours of his legal knowledge.
Aman holds Diploma in Cyber Laws from Government Law College, from Mumbai and Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune and a Certification in Intellectual Property and Competition Law from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry [FICCI], New Delhi. He also has a certification in Technology Contracts from Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Aman has a demonstrated experience of working in the field of intersection of Law and Technology.  He also had the privilege to work for over an year in the capacity of Research Associate for the Book titled “Internet Law : Regulating Cyberspace and Emerging Technologies” written by Shri Rodney D Ryder and Mr. Nikhil Naren, foreword written by Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) Shri Dipak Misra, Former Chief Justice of India, published by Bloomsbury Professional India, 2020.
Aman firmly believes that there is no substitute to hard work and self-discipline and perseverance are of paramount importance.

Shivansh Tiwari

Intern Manager and Content Regulator

Shivansh, is a keen leaner and is especially inclined towards the intricacies of Tech and Competition Law. Lately, he has also developed a keen interest towards IPR law, and is always trying to study the amalgamation of Tech in IPR, which he believes is the future. He likes to keep up with the various happenings around the world, and understand the technological perspectives behind such happenings. Fair to say, he is a tech nerd of a sort.

He holds a certification by WIPO, on a distant learning course on Intellectual Property Law. He is also pursuing a course on IPR and Competition law by FICCI, and has presented papers relating to IPR and Competition Law, at UPES, Dehradun and MNLU, Mumbai. He also has various PILs to his name on varying social causes, including the installation of web cams throughout the city of Prayagraj, to ensure the safety of women, and upgradation of the cyber security system of the city, all of which have received critical acclaim from various media houses. He has also worked as a legal researcher with ‘The Pioneer.’

Utkarsh Gupta

Creative and Design Head

Utkarsh Gupta has in-depth knowledge in the area of Corporate Law and IPR Laws and has worked with MNCs, Law Organisations, and Litigation offices to help and contribute to their work and additionally advance his skills in the field of drafting agreements, addendums, amendments, articles (research purposes), or case law research among other things. To date, it has been an enriching journey for him in the legal world.

Apart from being an ardent dog lover, he is also a foodie and is always up for exploring new places. Not just this, he is also one of the most compassionate person who will keep a check on your mental health and will make sure to send some positivity your way every day either through hilarious memes or dog posts. He never ceases to amaze people, he is a great lover of calm and peaceful music and you can always find him sharing his choice of music with all his friends.

Rohit Praveer

Information Technology

Rohit is a practicing advocate at Delhi. Beginning as a tech learner, Rohit always had a keen interest in computer forensics and information security. Building upon these fundamentals, he has undertaken extensive research on various techno-legal topics and continues his pursuit to bridge the gap between Information Technology and law.

Akanksha Sudhakar

Project Coordinator

Akanksha has a keen interest in Intellectual Property Rights and Competition law. She has earned a certification in Competition Law, Advanced Contract Drafting and Legal Writing, and Intellectual Property Rights Laws from Enhelion and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) respectively. Akanksha has always been inquisitive to learn new things. She is really passionate about what she does.

Other than academics, she also loves music and dance (kathak) and holds a senior diploma in both.

Manaswita Nakwaal

Management (Core)

Manaswita, an ardent learner, a keen thinker and an in-depth researcher affiliated with Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA. She has authored several articles in various legal websites and blogs and has written various research papers out of which one is on the topic “IPR’s and Compulsory Licensing”.

Manaswita is also working as a personal researcher under Head, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Government of India. She has also contributed to research work on Water Management Resources for Indian Law Institute, January 2020. Her hard working nature and determination to achieve her goals plays a pivotal role in her career foundation.

In her “other life” she loves sports and have made it to National Level Basketball Championship.

Pukhraj Biala

Management (Core)

Pukhraj is a problem solver who believes in reaching to a conclusion by weighing all the options and identifying the best possible one.

He has a keen interest in Constitutional Law, and Criminal Law. From the past few months he has been more inclined towards Cyber Laws and IP Laws, and has been observing the developments in the field of privacy with much concern. He is currently pursuing Certificate Course on Artificial Intelligence and Law from Enhelion Knowledge Pvt. Ventures.

Saksham Kukreti

Management (Core)

Saksham was a science student with computer science before taking his life in a totally different direction and joining a law school. He developed his interest in cyberspace and cybersecurity while studying computer science. He is fascinated by the new developments in the field of technology and is always keen to learn more. He wanted to keep up his interest in the field of technology and decided to devote his time and attention to gain knowledge in technology’s intersection with law. He is also attracted to the use of technology and its legal challenges and the general interest of society. IP has recently drawn his interest and is currently exploring his interest in the field.

He has published a paper on cybersecurity at the Centre for Specialization in Cyber Law Studies. He is pursuing a course on IP and Contracts by Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd. He has good interpersonal and communication skills.

Akarsh Tripathi

Management (Core)

Akarsh Tripathi is an ardent and a firm believer of hard work and persistence. An enthusiastic learner and an inquisitive personality, he has developed a profound interest in blog writing and publishing research papers.
He also completed a certificate course on Intellectual Property Contracts from Enhelion through which he has expanded his interests in the field of IP Laws and Info-tech.
A brilliant actor and a dramatist, his love for theatre and plays have helped him become a part of Mashgool, the Drama Contingent of Symbiosis Law School, Noida which further adds a feather to his cap of achievements and laurels.
His mantra to success and satiation is hard work-patience-resolution and determination.

Arunabh Srivastava

Management (Core)

Arunabh is an eager learner and legal researcher, who tends to research upto the roots of the matter. A diligent student, he believes that incessant pace of development in the world of information and technology is going to be the guiding, deciding and driving feature of the world in times to come and is desirous to explore new dimensions of legal domain in the field of IPR, IT and cyber law. He has also authored various articles and besides, pursuing his professional career, he is a singer and an actor.

Nayan Grover

Management (Core)

Nayan  endears working where Law and
Technology come together. He has avid fascination towards the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in Legal Framework. Data Security and Patent Laws are some other fields which intrigue him.
Nayan holds a diploma in Cyber Laws from Government Law College, Mumbai and Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune. Nayan has also co-authored the chapter titled Jurisprudential Modalities of Data Protection Regime and Privacy via AI in India, in the policy book, Artificial Intelligence & Policy in India, Volume I (2020), published by Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law.