Internet Security

The first chapter of the book examines the perils that have accompanied the convenience and advancements of the online digital world. With the cost of global annual cybercrime predicted to reach $6 trillion annually within a year, internet security attains importance like never before.

The chapter looks at the legal as well as the technical aspects of both; directed as well as undirected, online threats. This includes enunciating the technical workings of malicious software, anti-virus programs, firewalls, etc. while also inspecting the legal provisions provided for them under various acts and codes, primarily the Information Technology Act, 2000.

The chapter goes on to further examine other grave threats such as online digital profiling, attacks over emails, and the threats of blogging, & side by side reads the provisions under the law for the same. In addition to this, the chapter also enunciates the working of tools such as the Internet Protocol Addresses in the hands of the investigators and explains the role of the same in the course of investigations.

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