Intellectual Property & Information Technology

Chapter 5, primarily dealing with IPR and Copyrights, commences by depicting the various classes of copyrights along with the copyrightable period and all restrictions/limitations on the same mentioned alongside. The chapter then moves on to copyright in a digital medium, focusing on the copyright of computer programs & of computer multimedia, creating a distinction between the two as well as breaking down the different elements of the two and classifying them into the different classes/ ambits mentioned previously. The chapter also covers various scattered but essential topics relating to IPR, such as International Treaties on Copyrights, John Doe Orders, Right to fair use, Memes, etc.

The chapter then moves on to relatively serious components, such as trademarks and domain names. The meaning and essentials of a trademark are explained along with the rights of trademark holders, with reference to the infringement of the same and the remedies thereto. Further, the dilution of a trademark, use if the trademark in “course of trade”, passing off and trademark infringement on the internet have been discussed in depth. Following this, Domain Name disputes have also been covered in great depth, with reference to the anatomy, registration, types, protection and resolution of domain name disputes through different methods have also been elucidated.

Lastly, Linking and Framing of web pages, Meta Tagging, and Keyword Advertising have been discussed as well, with reference to issues of trademark infringement in each case.