Social Media

Chapter 10 of the book relates to social interaction which has, with the help of the internet, expanded its horizons to the virtual world. The chapter deals with the different facets of social media, which uncover the dangers of the same and are many times ignored.

The first danger of social media is in the form of Social Engineering, relating to hacking and acquiring classifies information/ gaining unauthorized access to high profile facilities. The chapter enunciates the life cycle of social engineering, its attack techniques, and the preventions and countermeasures against the same. Following this, the creation of fake accounts for various purposes have been discussed. The chapter explains the way to verify the authenticity of an account, the legal provisions relating to the creation of such an account, the reporting of the same, etc. Following this, a bunch of popular crimes in connection to the creation of fake profiles have been discussed, along with countermeasures and best practices against the same.

The chapter then moves to the leak of confidential information, explaining how the data can be leaked, what can be its consequences and the prevention of the same. Next, the challenges of data protection are discussed, explaining how social media has now become a tool for spreading spam and malware. Lastly, the chapter parts some practical guidance by explaining how to report content on various social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

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