With the Supreme court recently declaring the Right to Privacy as a fundamental right, the ambit ofprivacy due to advancement in technology has increased fourfold. Thesecond chapter of the book analyses the law of privacy in India withthe help of various provisions of the Information Technology Act,2000 as well as with a timeline of origin and evolution of the samewith the help of case laws. The chapter enunciates the various facetsof privacy, namely; Bodily Privacy, Privacy related to Personal Life,Informational Privacy, and Communication Privacy.

The chapter further discusses thebreach of confidentiality and privacy with respect to different legalbasis such as contract, equity, Sui generis, etc. In addition tothis, the chapter covers the features, highlights, scopes andprinciples of different data protection regulations, such as theproposed Personal Data Protection Bill and the General DataProtection Regulation reform.

The chapter also draws a comparisonbetween the privacy laws of various countries such as the USA,Australia, Canada and the EU with India. Lastly, the chapterenunciates the various rights of the data subject, with a specialmention to the Right to be Forgotten, before analyzing the remedies,liabilities and penalties for the breach of the same.