Information Technology Act, 2000

Dedicated to the primary law dealing with cybercrime and electronic commerce in India, the third chapter commences by analyzing the national as well as international reasons for the enactment of the said Act and defining its aims and objectives.

The chapter provides a brief overview of the Act, before proceeding to enunciate the Penalties, Compensation, and Adjudication under Section 43-47 of the same in detail. A summary of the amendments made to the act by the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 is also provided, along with the compliance of the amendment with respect to cybercrimes and the punishments for the same.

This is followed by a critique of the original as well as the amended act, on various aspects where the authors feel the act lacks, such as Information Protection in Internet Banking, Cyber War, Spamming, etc. Lastly, suggestions for improvement & amendments in the act are given, covering several bases such as the need for modernization of existing laws, development of Cyber Forensic and Biometric Technique, the establishment of a Computer Crime Research and Development Centre, etc. have been listed along with a detailed suggested action plan for the same.

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