Digital Brand Management

Emphasizing the importance of branding in the present competitive market, chapter 13 explains the fundamentals of digital branding. The importance of management of digital brand has been stressed upon and the maintaining the reputation of the brand online by controlling conversations about the brand by controlling reviews sites, social media, search engines, websites, etc. have been highlighted.

Further, the need for hiring a Digital Brand Manager, the components of digital assets and the need for digital brand protection have been elucidated. The same has been further emphasized upon by case studies of famous brands such as Zara and D-Mart.

The chapter also observes the various techniques that can be used by organizations to analyze the market situation, which includes; Social Media Monitoring, Google trends, Website Audits, and another social listening as well as social analytics tools. The chapter also guides organizations on why & how to avoid social media disasters, make use of tools such as Pay Per Click campaign, etc. A distinction is then drawn between Search engine optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Social Medical Marketing.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing have also been discussed in great depth. The section highlights the importance, types, steps, stages, and distinction between the two. Lastly, the chapter enunciates the digital footprint, Brand Threat Assessment Reports, and ISO accreditations and standards.

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