Data Protection Regime in India

Realizing the impact that the proposed Personal Data Protection Bill would have on the evolution of data protection law in India, the whole of Chapter 15 has been dedicated to the same. Broadly based on the General Data Protection Regulation, the scope and ambit of the bill have been discussed in detail and the compliance of the same is also enunciated. Following this, the role of a data fiduciary has been highlighted.

Next, the chapter lists the requirements and lays down the steps for organizations to ensure that they comply with the data protection guidelines, in case of failure of which they would face a penalty, which has also been mentioned in the chapter.

The chapter then conducts an in-depth study of the Bill, listing each section and enunciating its requirements and instruction in detail. This has been done for chapter III to chapter XIII of the Bill. Following this, the distinction between the Bill and the regulation where it derives its inspiration from, the GDPR, have also been drawn on the basis of the grounds for processing personal data, obligations of the fiduciary, data reassure, etc.