Our Team

Nikhil Naren

Publishing Editor


Nikhil, had a dream of creating a one-stop platform for all the Intellectual Property Rights Law and Information Technology Law enthusiasts.  He is a firm believer of Dreaming. Hoping.  Working. Achieving.

Gyan Prakash Tripathi

Editor, Information Technology

An about-to-be-engineer who stumbled in the field of law, Gyan has a keen interest in technology and the evolution of cyber policy and technology laws. He loves spending his time accoutering himself with factual and unprejudiced arguments over a myriad of issues. A good articulator, he has authored many blog posts and can usually be spotted in the library devouring books or in the canteen sipping coffee.

Shashwat Tiwari

Editor, Intellectual Property Rights

Shashwat is an experimentalist who believes in realism and empiricism, he is fascinated by disciplines like IP, Technology Law, Competition Law, Cyber Governance, Arts and their influence in human life. He has authored several articles in various legal websites and blogs and has also served as Editor of NILS India Chapter. In his “other life” he likes painting and sketching.

Sapni G. Krishna

Information Technology

Sapni G Krishna is a student of law and has a keen interest in art. A skeptic of technology wherefrom her interest in IP and Technology laws stem. She believes in transparency and dialogue and strongly advocates for the same. She has attended multiple conferences in the areas of technology law and policy and is passionate about the same.


Rohit Praveer

Information Technology

Rohit is a practicing advocate at Delhi. Beginning as a tech learner, Rohit always had a keen interest in computer forensics and information security. Building upon these fundamentals, he has undertaken extensive research on various techno-legal topics and continues his pursuit to bridge the gap between Information Technology and law.

Rohith Venkatesan

Intellectual Property Rights

Rohith’s primary areas of interest in law are Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology. He has developed a keen interest towards Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms especially mediation. He seeks to explore the use of alternative dispute mechanisms like mediation in the faster and effective resolution of Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology disputes in India. He is also an avid reader, debater, and environmentalist.

Rohit Magesh

Intellectual Property Rights

Rohit’s interest in Intellectual Property Laws actually came up with an internship and later fostered him to work exclusively with IP firms and subsequent engagements only made his resolve stronger. He has experience in patents and its various rules and regulations. He is also good at drafting IPR licensing agreements.

Arvind Sankar

Intellectual Property Rights

A boffin, philomath, athlete and a law student, Arvind is excited about technology and innovation. IP is perhaps the only field in law which has captivated him since the inception of his legal education, inspiring him to thoroughly qualify himself and engage with many professionals in the industry. Having worked with inventors and start-ups, he has had the opportunity to witness the inventing process and involve himself in managing and commercializing the same.

Palash Moolchandani

Intellectual Property Rights


Palash has a keen passion for intellectual property law. He is extremely well-read and has a vast array of experience with regard to the same. His numerous publications in the field and internships at specialized intellectual property law firms make him the perfect person to have stimulating conversations on intellectual property law with.

Yashika Agarwal

Intellectual Property Rights


An Intellectual Property Law enthusiast with a strong analytical framework, Yashika, is doing her bachelor’s in law. She will guide you through all the relevant content to boost your information.